te poutāhū curriculum centre school update

Te Poutāhū Curriculum Centre School Update
Special Edition – 28 September 2022

28 September 2022
te poutāhū curriculum centre school update

Te Poutāhū Curriculum Centre School Update

Special Edition – 28 September 2022


Kua mahuta mai rā a Māhurukiterangi
Hoki mai rā e te pīpīwharauroa
Hoki mai rā e te koekoeā
Hoki mai rā e te rau o Hinerauwhārangi
Kōanga nui, Kōanga roa
Aroaro ā-manu, Aroaro mahana
Nau mai, haere atu tāku karere
Te karere a Te Poutāhū
Ki runga ki te mata o te whenua
Tīhei Mauriora!

Māhurukiterangi rises at dawn
Return shining cuckoo 
Return long-tailed cuckoo
Life returns to the forest and vegetation
A great and long Spring is here
Birds return with the warmth
Welcome also my message and depart
The message from Te Poutāhū
Moving over the face of the land
It breathes, it lives!

Welcome to the Te Poutāhū | Curriculum Centre Special Issue

Kia ora koutou,


This is a special issue of our curriculum newsletter, as we mentioned in the regular September newsletter.

While we recognise that you are focusing on the end of the term, after a high level of interest and sector feedback we wanted to share with you the important release of Te Mātaiaho | the Draft Curriculum Framework, the draft English and Mathematics & Statistics learning areas and the draft implementation supports. There are no must-do actions required over the term break, but you may decide to take the opportunity to engage sooner, have your say, and give feedback.

The release of the Framework provides a significant opportunity to engage with the content, vision, and direction of the refreshed New Zealand Curriculum.

Also included is a new school and kura forward planner that contains an overview of important curriculum and assessment activities. Starting from Term 4, we intend on updating and sharing this before the start of each term to help you plan and give an overview of what is coming up.


Ngā mihi,


Ellen MacGregor-Reid
Hautū (Deputy Secretary)
Te Poutāhū | Curriculum Centre

Schools and kura using The New Zealand Curriculum

The New Zealand Curriculum (NZC) Refresh
Our Shared Kaupapa

Before describing how to get involved in giving feedback – we want to share our Shared Kaupapa.

Shared Kaupapa – Vimeo

Gifted by our Curriculum Voices Group this Shared Kaupapa sets out why we’re refreshing the NZC, and lays down a vision that puts ākonga – their languages, cultures, identities, and strengths – at the centre of the refreshed curriculum.

Curriculum Voices Group – Curriculum Refresh Education

Have Your Say

Te Mātaiaho | A Te Tiriti-Honouring and Inclusive Framework

New Zealand Curriculum Refresh | Te Mātaiaho – Vimeo

Mātai aho tāhūnui Lay the kaupapa down      
Mātai aho tāhūroa And sustain it
Hei takapau wānanga The learning here
E hora nei Laid out before us

Until 2 December, we’re seeking feedback on the draft of Te Mātaiaho | The Curriculum Framework – and we want to hear from you. To find out more, get involved and register for webinars, go to our website:

Te Mātaiaho | The Curriculum Framework – Curriculum Refresh Education

Gifted by Dr Wayne Ngata and members of our Rōpū Kaitiaki, ‘Te Mātaiaho’ is the proposed working name for the Curriculum Framework. The name means ’to observe and examine the strands of learning.’ 

Te Mātaiaho brings to life the shifts required for ākonga to see themselves and their learning in the refreshed curriculum. Grounded in the power of observation, Te Mātaiaho weaves together all elements that will make up the whole of the NZCMore than a Framework, Te Mātaiaho is a tool that navigates the future for our ākonga by honouring our past to enrich our present. 

Te Mātaiaho includes a whakapapa, a refreshed purpose statement calling us to action, a Te Tiriti o Waitangi statement, and a refreshed Vision for Young People – written by young people, for young people. It weaves in ‘Understand, Know, Do:  progression-focused model,’ which develops the big ideas, contexts, and practices across the learning areas, and enables increasingly rigorous and complex learning.

Building on the 2007 Curriculum, Te Mātaiaho sets out a process of ongoing design and review of local curriculum.

Together, national and local curriculum provide the basis for ākonga to flourish and thrive. Te Mātaiaho also gives practical effect to the key competencies and values within the 2007 NZC, and how they can be woven throughout the learning areas. 

Draft English and Mathematics & Statistics learning areas

Until 2 December, we’re seeking feedback on the draft English and Mathematics & Statistics learning areas. Register for webinars about the key shifts in the two draft learning areas here:

Draft English and Mathematics & Statistics webinars – Eventbrite/ Curriculum Refresh Education

The draft learning area content uses an ‘Understand, Know, Do: progression-focused model.’ Designed to help create rich and responsive learning, the ‘Understand, Know, Do’ model puts ākonga – their voice, wellbeing and aspirations – at the centre of curriculum design.

Designed to be cumulative and increasingly complex, the progression approach replaces year levels and achievement objectives with five phases of learning (Y1–3, Y4–6, Y7–8, Y9 –10, Y11 –13).

These phases of learning are the signposts that guide the learning pathway. They contain progress outcomes that describe what ākonga should understand, know, and do at each phase of learning.

The English and Mathematics & Statistics learning areas bring to life the shifts required across the refreshed curriculum, including inclusive ideas of what success looks like.  

Draft Implementation supports

From 2023, all schools and kura can start to try out aspects of the refreshed curriculum as part of their classroom programmes. Until 2 December, we’re seeking feedback on draft implementation supports, which include an overview of the phased approach, suggested starting points, a readiness tool, and an overview of resources and supports.

To find out more, get involved, and register for webinars go to our website:

Te Mātaiaho | The Curriculum Framework – Curriculum Refresh Education

New curriculum refresh website

We know there is a clear need for a one-stop-shop for all things curriculum refresh.

A new curriculum refresh website will provide refresh information, resources, and engagement. Initially the focus will be information and materials for the feedback phase, and over time it will become a platform for implementation and learning area supports and resources.

So go to our website, check it out and let us know what you think:

One-stop-shop curriculum – Curriculum Refresh Education

Literacy & Communication and Maths Strategy – Developing the Common Practice Model

Work to develop the Common Practice Model (the Model) is underway as a key part of the ‘Literacy & Communication and Maths Strategy’.

The Model will support the refresh of ‘The New Zealand Curriculum’ by helping teachers and kaiako deliver the best possible teaching, learning, and assessment of literacy & communication and maths. It will make clear the practices that we know work and support the use of those practices from early learning through to the end of Year 13.  

We want to bring together a range of expertise from different contributors to help us define the principles and the pedagogies of the Model. Members of these Contributors Groups will help shape the future of literacy & communication and maths education, by outlining the most effective practices.

We have asked key sector groups to nominate members to take part in this process, so that the Contributors Groups contain a range of voices, perspectives, expertise and experiences. We are accepting nominations up to Thursday 6 October, and the Groups will convene for the first time in November.  

If you’re interested in being a part of this change, contact any participating organisation you’re a member of to apply. A list of these organisations, along with more information about the development of the Model is on our website:

Curriculum and assessment changes – CPM

For all schools and kura

Curriculum and Assessment Activity Forward Planner – Term 4

With a lot of change happening, we know there is a lot to unpack and plan for. To support schools and kura with planning curriculum and assessment activities, we have developed a new forward planner which lays out these activities:

  • Action required: Must do actions
  • Get involved: Opportunities to get involved in
  • Resources and support: Further details including where to find them.

Available each term from Term 4 2022, you will find the new forward planner as a printable poster on our website:

Curriculum and Assessment Activity Forward Planner – Curriculum Refresh Education