he pānui kōhungahunga

He Pānui Kōhungahunga
Issue 108

06 June 2024
he pānui kōhungahunga

He Pānui Kōhungahunga

Issue 108
06 June 2024

Protect against measles

Remember the best protection against measles is two doses of the MMR vaccine. 

Check your immunisation register:

Measles information – Ministry of Education

Find out if you need a measles vaccination – Te Whatu Ora

Te Whatu Ora has more information on measles on its website:

Measles – Te Whatu Ora

Regulatory sector review into early childhood education

Regulation Minister Hon David Seymour has confirmed the first regulatory sector review will be into early childhood education. The Ministry for Regulation will start the review immediately, working closely with the Ministry of Education and the Education Review Office. 

The scope of the review will be broad and will examine the regulatory systems for education, health, safety, child protection, food safety, buildings, and workplaces, as they apply to the early childhood sector. The review won’t be looking at funding settings. 

More information about the review including what you can expect and how you can get involved will be in an upcoming bulletin. Read more here: 

Regulatory sector review into early childhood education – Ministry of Education

Revocation of the National Statement and the implications for network approval applications

Following consultation, and announced in a recent bulletin, the Government has revoked the National Statement on the Network of Licenced Early Childhood Services: 

Special Early Learning Bulletin 16 April

This means applications are no longer required to include information relating to the National Statement, such as the Strategic Priorities for the Establishment of Licensed Early Childhood Services. 

Applications must continue to adhere to the other criteria outlined on our website: 

Network management for licensed early childhood services – Ministry of Education 

Emergency closure funding

Emergency closure funding can now be requested when services are unable to operate because they cannot meet minimum staffing requirements due to a high number of staff, or an educator, being unwell with an infectious disease. 

Services will need to consider alternative options before emergency closure funding is approved, including reducing hours of operation or the number of children attending.

If your service is facing operating issues because staff or educators are unwell with an infectious disease, contact your local Te Mahau office: 

Local Ministry Offices – Ministry of Education

Services may need to provide evidence relating to staffing issues before emergency closure funding is approved. The type and level of evidence required will depend on the context of the situation. The Funding Handbook has been updated to reflect this change and is effective from 1 June 2024.

Home-based educator top-up payments

From 3 June, home-based educators can charge parents a top-up payment. More information is available on our website:

20 Hours ECE for ECE services – Ministry of Education

Parents who are eligible for the Ministry of Social Development’s childcare subsidy (CCS) or guaranteed childcare assistance payment (GCAP) may be able to use these subsidies to pay for home-based educator top up payments. MSD pays these subsidies to the service provider (not the parent), and they must be passed on in full to the educator.

More information is available on the Work and Income website: 

Childcare Subsidy – Work and Income